At DaySpring we have found that by staying focused on what is sacred and by keeping things simple, our community life and ministry will be healing and renewing.  Many of us have experienced the busyness of church programming, while good in so many ways, to be exhausting, sometimes focused more on institutional maintenance than worship and mission.  


Here, we try to be intentional about offering worship that is liturgically rich and rooted in gentle, but profound silence. We, in turn, are formed to live as prayerful, compassionate followers of Christ. This is what we have to offer as a unique expression of Christ's church.  Sacred and Simple . . .we return to this over and over as a reminder of what it most important and as an invitation to breathe deeply and rest in God.


We come together as "grace-oriented" believers, centered in the historic Christian faith, committed to know and care about one another across the generations, empowered to serve the world in the name of Christ.