The DaySpring Ministries Chart

DaySpring approaches the work of the church in a unique way.  We are a church that is cared for and run by the laity.  To help everyone connect with a ministry, we have created The DaySpring Ministry Chart with five areas:

Worship,   Hospitality & Community,    Spiritual Formation,   Missions,   and Stewardship. 

Because of the uncertainty of “Covid-season,” this year’s Chart is different in three ways:

Shorter Commitment Window.   In August 2020, we put forward a Chart for the fall, not really knowing what a pandemic-winter would hold for us. We said we would revisit it in 2021. Now, we’re ready to introduce an updated Chart for February-August 2021. If you signed up in August and would like to continue doing what you’re doing, we’ll just keep you right where you are. If you’d like to change your role, just submit a new form through the website. And if you’re new to DaySpring, here’s a great opportunity to be involved in the life of the church. We ask everyone to take part in some way in serving the church. Like in the fall, we also have four Saturday Take 2 workdays on the calendar and ask everyone to come to at least one of those. 

It’s simplified. Several important ministries are not on this fall’s chart (Worship care,  Choir, Ridgecrest Ministry, Gathered Table Leaders, etc.). This is all responding to Covid-related limitations.

Take 2! Along with the basic Chart work, we’re organizing a Workday each month this spring and ask everyone associated with DaySpring to take part in at least one. We’ll do good work and get to do it together.

 More information to come soon about Take 2 Workdays, which are Saturdays from 9-11 am, on the following dates:

February 27                 March 27                April 24

If you already know which Take 2(s) you’d like to attend, you can sign up here too. Knowing how many people to expect each workday helps us plan which tasks to undertake each month.

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Spring/summer 2021 Chart

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Spring/summer 2021 Chart descriptions

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