The DaySpring Ministries Chart


DaySpring approaches the work of the church in a unique way. From the very beginning we have said that we will be a church that is cared for and run by the laity. To facilitate this process we have created The DaySpring Ministry Chart, which has five areas, Worship, Hospitality & Community, Spiritual Formation, Missions, and Stewardship. 


In September, our members have the opportunity to make a one-year commitment to caring for a specific ministry of our church. Some will sign up to organize and serve at the Gospel Café, others will sign up to clean our facilities or care for the grounds, and some to teach Sunday School.

Each year we start from scratch, giving everyone the opportunity to serve in new ways or take a season of rest as needed. We have found this process to be a meaningful way to develop trust while enabling our members to become stewards of our church and ministries.  

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