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DaySpring is located at 7900 Renewal Way.  Coming from Waco on HW 6, exit to Midway Park just before crossing Lake Waco.  The access road will take you under the twin bridges (be sure to catch a glimpse of the bridge supports on your way past.  It's like they go on eternally).  As you come back into the sunlight, you'll pass Ridgecrest Retirement Home on your right.  Just before you get to Texas Oncology, turn right onto Renewal Way.  

Parking is in front of the church buildings, around back (down the hill), and in the empty field to your right on Renewal Way.  Handicap accessible parking is available in front of the church buildings.  From the main parking lot, the sanctuary is the big building in front of you with the rounded awning.  The main office is on your left by the entry that reads "Office/ Commons"  The nursery is the first building on your left, farthest from the sanctuary.

The Chapel is open all the time and avaialble for prayer and meditation.