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Final Exams

12/16/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

FINAL EXAMS This is the time of the year (in America) when high school and college students have “final” exams. They are final in the sense that the course or subject is done for the semester and they are also final in the sense that...

Side by Side: Faith and Doubt

9/9/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

Side by Side: Faith and Doubt There are many English body part idioms that occur as doublets: for example, eye-to-eye (confrontation), face-to-face (communication), back-to-back (home runs), hand-to-hand (combat), and so on. Many show...

Covid and the Texas Summer

9/2/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

COVID-19 and the Texas Summer I grew up in the mountains of Pennsylvania and my wife, Joice, in the lake areas of Michigan. We knew what harsh winters were like, but our summers were usually mild—a time when the young men played baseball...

The Constant Invitation

8/26/20 | Encouragement | by Rebecca Edwards

The Constant Invitation For almost six months, our world has lived in a state of wait-and-see.  School in the spring, vacation plans, summer camps, and school in the fall, none of it has been easy to plan or anticipate what each week will...

What's in a Name?

8/26/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

What’s in a Name? Plenty! Think of your names—you probably have three of them: a given name, a middle name and a surname. The last was a genealogical tip of the hat to your forefathers, the middle could be as varied as the...