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Unusual July Events

7/8/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

Unusual July Events The month of July was named in honor of Julius Caesar, who was responsible for the year having 365 days—the “Julian calendar.” It has also a girl’s name and by 1900 was one of the most popular, with...

Independence and July 4th

7/1/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

Independence and July 4th   On June 11, 1776, the signing of “A declaration by representatives of the United States of American in general congress” took place. The rallying cry had been “Taxation without...

    Unusal June Holidays

    6/24/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

    Unusual June Holidays This month features, among other things, Dinosaur Day and I Love My Dentist Day. I am not sure why they are both mentioned this month, but it may have something to do with teeth. I did not remember Dinosaur Day, which was...

      Father's Day

      6/17/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

      Father’s Day We speak metaphorically about the “Father of our country” and even about “Father Christmas.” The song, “Faith of our Fathers” wistfully refers to the founding fathers of our nation and was...