DaySpringer Reflections

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    Gratitude for Fathers

    6/17/20 | Encouragement | by Renee Wilson

    Gratitude for Fathers  This is the month we celebrate and show gratitude for fathers. Upon reflection of this important day, my own father comes to my mind. I also see some of his great qualities in many other fathers I encounter: the young...

      Sacred and Simply Worshipping From Home

      6/10/20 | Encouragement | by Tyler Ellis

      Sacred and Simply Worshiping from Home This past Sunday was a beautiful moment in the life of our DaySpring family. For the first time in months, we participated in corporate worship all at the same time. Many of you joined together on the...


        6/10/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

        Unmasked During the pandemic of COVID-19, we have been asked or required to wear face masks in public places. This small piece of cloth worn over our nose and mouth can stop the spread of unruly viruses and microbes. We can’t see this...

          Return to Worship

          6/3/20 | Encouragement | by Scott Spain-Smith

          Return to Worship by Scott Spain-Smith  We are both very excited and quite nervous about returning to worship with you all on Sunday.  I’ve found myself getting anxious whenever I see large crowds of people, even when it is just...

            Church Under the Oaks

            6/3/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

            Church Under the Oaks   Now that certain restrictions have been lifted for the coronavirus pandemic, our church is going to meet outside. The song (for those old enough to remember) below indicates some of the sentiment our congregation...