DaySpringer Reflections

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    Soap and Hand Sanitizers

    5/28/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

    Soap and Hand Sanitizers COVID-19 has made me remember to wash my hands, which I have never done so often as in the last couple of months. I have developed a sense of germ-phobia that manifests itself whenever I walk in or out of a store. I...

      Cousin Bill's Spiritual Journey

      5/20/20 | Encouragement | by Keith Rollins

      COUSIN BILL’S SPIRITUAL JOURNEY When I saw the Worship Guide last Sunday morning with the Silent Meditation quote from Frederick Buechner, (“Keep on coming to God’s door…”),  I teared up for a couple of...

        The New Normal

        5/20/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

        The New Normal When I was studying psychology in college, one of my courses was “Abnormal Psychology.” Now, I can’t remember much about it, so I went online to look at a university syllabus. I found the subject was related to...

          Remembering Our Mothers

          5/13/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

          Remembering our Mothers June 1, 1972, started out like many other days. We had been living in a remote village in the Southern Highlands of Papua, New Guinea, not quarantined but certainly “isolated” from any English-speaking...

            Calm Amidst the Storm

            5/13/20 | Encouragement | by Renee Wilson

            CALM AMIDST THE STORM  People ask: How does one stay calm and cope during pandemic times as these, and what glimmer of hope is there today? COVID-19 is rolling through like a rough storm bringing unchartered waters, fear, questions, and...