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    Calm Amidst the Storm

    5/13/20 | Encouragement | by Renee Wilson

    CALM AMIDST THE STORM  People ask: How does one stay calm and cope during pandemic times as these, and what glimmer of hope is there today? COVID-19 is rolling through like a rough storm bringing unchartered waters, fear, questions, and...

      Isolation Is Not Incarceration

      5/6/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

      Isolation Is Not Incarceration I have never been incarcerated, but I came close once. It happened when I was a young teenager. My brother, two years older than I, and another fellow comrade were at our farm in Pennsylvania when we heard a dog...

        Show Me the Scars

        4/29/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

        Show Me the Scars When I was young and a member of the 4-H club and Future Farmers of America, I decided to build a chicken coop. Due to my deficient carpenter skills, I sawed through the thumbnail and skin of my left thumb. For a long time...

          Zooming In and Out

          4/22/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

          Zooming In and Out  Like many people, we are learning to “Zoom.” On Easter evening our Aussie and Texas families had a “Zoom” session. Eighteen of us appeared in mass and talked, mostly in turn but sometimes all at...

            Terms of Endearment

            4/16/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

            Terms of Endearment I never saw the movie “Terms of Endearment,” but it is widely acclaimed as a great drama with some comedy, romance, as well as great acting. It got me thinking about the endearment terms lovers and friends call...