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    14 Days

    4/1/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

    14 Days by Karl Franklin Our 14 days of self-quarantine are over, and, for some reason, I started to wonder: “how far could I have walked in 14 days?” Suppose I started out from Fish Pond Village, where we live in Waco, Texas. First...

      My Hammock

      4/1/20 | Encouragement | by Jo Anne Beaty

      My Hammock By Jo Anne Beaty Several years ago, I traveled to Copan Ruinas, Honduras, with a group of DaySpringers to minister with Urban Promise Honduras.  We worked hard, had a great time, and got to know one another in that new...

        Reflections on Psalm 23

        3/25/20 | Encouragement | by Scott Spain-Smith

        Reflections on Psalm 23 By Scott Spain-Smith How fitting that the Lectionary led us to Psalm 23 this past Sunday. These are some of the most comforting words in all of Scripture, and they are presented to us in a time of extreme uncertainty. I...

          Basset and Bluebonnet

          3/25/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

          Basset and Bluebonnet I was up early (4am) this past week because the power was off. I couldn’t do much (except think and pray, which has continued), and I wasn’t tired. It had started to rain about the time I got up, which was...

            A Silent Spring

            3/18/20 | Encouragement | by Karl Franklin

            A Silent Spring? Random Thoughts from DaySpring “Oldies”   COVID-19 is time for reflection for old people: I (Karl) will be 87 next month and Joice will be 89 in May, then on the 26th of May we hope to celebrate our 64th wedding...