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April 10th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

Recently I have come to enjoy a relatively new online journal called Emergence Magazine. Emergence is beautifully designed, using photos, videos, and storytelling to draw the reader into the story.  “Reader” is hardly a sufficient description of the person who engages Emergence. It’s as much an invitation to meditation and reflection as it is reading.

In the latest issue is a story that seems fitting for this last Lenten week. “Silent Landscapes” pairs images from the natural world with images of church ruins that are slowly returning to the dust from which we all come as we testified on Ash Wednesday.  In this issue, you will also find a story called “On the Road with Thomas Merton” about his journey out west in the year before he died. Several years ago some of us read his journal from that trip, “Woods, Shore, Desert.”  If you read that journal you’ll especially appreciate this story.  

I hope either of these encourages your prayer as we turn toward Holy Week.  This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the day on which we celebrate Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem. Especially for those who are new among us, I want to make mention that we have services next Thursday and Friday as well as a sunrise service on Easter morning.  I hope you can join us for these high and holy moments in the worship life of the church. Details are below in the Worship section.  

God’s peace to you this week.  You will be in my prayers until we’re together again on Sunday,


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Posted by Eric Howell