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April 7th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpring,

Sunday was glorious. It was truly glorious to be with so many of you under the Oaks for Easter morning. Life certainly moves on, and many of you would say Monday night was glorious (and it truly was, wasn’t it!!) But before Easter slips into the past, I want to revel in it a bit longer. Here are some of the images that will stay with me:

- Trying to make out faces behind masks in the pre-dawn half-light under the Francis Oak,
- Joe’s rapid-fire, joyful bell ringing at the end of Sunrise service,
- Early spring buds on the oaks above and bright colored blankets below,
- The swell of a congregation declaring, even if mask-muffled—“Hell was embittered!” and “Christ is Risen!” and signing along with the bird-song,
- All those children . . .all those little kiddos sprinting down the hill hunting eggs. Where did all those babies come from??
- And of course, baptizing my son, surrounded by the people who have made him and are making him who God is making him to be. Thank you.

Easter season continues now, and thanks be to God for it. All of it. This is the season of Hope. Hope against the darkness, against despair, against sin, and finally hope over death. May hope live in you.

In Hope,


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Posted by Eric Howell