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August 21st Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

Happy Wednesday to you . . .or as it’s known to the masses of sweat-soaked students, their parents, and the saints helping them: Move-In Day at Baylor. Best wishes to all who are moving-in and all who love them enough to help!  Speaking of Baylor undergraduates, this Saturday from 1-3 pm is the Baylor Church Fair. We'll have a table there with DaySpringers ready to meet and connect with students who we hope will become part of our lives during their college years. Students are a gift to a church community. Over the years, undergraduates have been an integral part of our ministry with children and youth and have enlivened our music and life together in many ways. On Sunday mornings, Scott and Andrea Moore are leading a class for undergrads in the Church Office/ Commons Room.  We’ll have dinners for undergraduates and some other activities as well. 

One thing I’ve learned about our students is that they are asking vitally important questions about everything you can imagine: science and faith, life and death, Christianity and other religions. Students are at a time in their lives when they wrestle through the Big Questions along with all the other things on their minds: schoolwork, callings and careers, dating, and friendships. So when you see students around at DaySpring, give them extra love. You never know what’s going on in their lives under the surface. And besides, remember, for all that a college campus offers to them, church is where they get to be around children and grandparents. We hear from students all the time how much they love coming out here to DaySpring, having a chance to catch their breath, and to be in relationship with you.  

So, students . . .welcome (and welcome back!) We love you and are so glad you are here.


Did you know two DaySpringers have books published just this week?  Jeremy Everett’s I was Hungry is now available.  Get it now or patiently wait until September 22nd when Jeremy will be preaching in worship for us and hosting a forum on hunger during the Sunday School hour on Sunday morning.  Jo Anne Beaty also is published this week. Her children’s book Goat Woman is a dream fulfilled for her.  Illustrated by Joel Edwards, Goat Woman is a beautiful story and beautiful to look at. Jo Anne is asking us to wait to buy her book for a local book signing that’s being set up sometime soon. We’ll share that information as soon as we know it.

Grace and peace be with you this week,


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Posted by Eric Howell