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February 19th, 2021 Newsletter

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Dear DaySpring,

How’s your 2021 Bingo Card coming along? We all had Covid pandemic—that was the free square, but I’m not sure we had much else that’s happened since then. I know I didn’t have either Crippling Arctic Freeze or Power Grid Failure on my card. Did you? If so, you . . .won, I guess. Congratulations?

We’re reminded again how much we don’t know about what the future will bring. This week has been a nightmare for everyone and some of you in particular have borne even more with blackouts and frozen pipes and who knows what other troubles. In the midst of all of this, I’ve seen beautiful things too: neighbors hosting friends for days on end, shared canned food warmed up over fireplace heat, our Ash Wednesday Evening Benediction Zoom prayer, kids sledding down driveways, a video of Fiona Bond ice skating, ICE SKATING, on a frozen pond in Waco. And she’s good at it! 

And now Lent is upon us. Just when it seems like we should be rewarded with an Easter celebration, now the season of confession, lament, examination, fasting. Haven’t we just been through that? Take heart, friends, Lent is also a season of renewal in the compassionate heart of the One who walks with us through every dark valley. We do not walk these roads alone and we do not walk them in despair. Easter will come. And it will be glorious.

As far as we know the church’s power and pipes are in good shape, but we’ll keep an eye on things as the thaw begins this weekend. As for this weekend, the Saturday Silent retreat and Sunday picnic are cancelled and Sunday classes and worship are all online. Next week hopefully we will have a full schedule: Wednesday prayers, Saturday Take 2, and Sunday worship under the oaks. For this Sunday, please remember the new schedule:

9 am
Classes and Groups on Zoom

10 am
After Egypt class and Undergraduate Small Group
(usually in person, but on Zoom this week)

11 am
Worship on the First Sunday in Lent

I look forward to joining you Sunday.
God’s peace,


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