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February 20th Newsletter

Dear DaySpringers,

Grace and peace be with you today. I’m hoping you are having a wonderful week, embracing the last(?) push of Texas winter before our glorious springtime begins. On the liturgical calendar, we’re still in the season after Epiphany. This year’s Epiphany season is about as long as it ever is which means Easter is about as late this year as it ever is (April 21). Our Lent season will be unfolding in the midst of a blossoming spring. That can seem a little off-kilter, but it’s ok. It just means we remember that confession and repentance are always in the context of God’s lavish good news of new birth and new life in Christ. 

Summer seems like a long ways away at this point (amiright, students?), but I have been thinking toward the summer with growing excitement since I have a sabbatical this summer.  Every five years, DaySpring gifts its pastor with a sabbatical and it’s been five years since my last one. It is truly a gift and one for which I am so very grateful. Plans are still coming together but I can share that in June we’re taking the kids on a road trip to Maine. We’ve never been to New England so this will be an adventure. Along the way, we’ll visit friends we haven’t seen in years and visit some interesting places such as Princeton’s Farminary. What a clever name! 

If you have suggestions for Maine or places we should visit on the way, I’m all ears. Toward the end of June we’ll return to Waco, and then Jenny and I lead 16 DaySpringers on pilgrimage to Italy.  After returning from Italy, I will likely seek a personal retreat at a monastery for personal reflection and preparation for the coming season in our lives and the church’s life.  Early August, I’ll be back at DaySpring. 

But there’s a lot to look forward to between now and then.  This Sunday, I get to fill in for some of our children’s teachers with Victor Hinojosa and the 2nd-4th grade class. Blessings on all of you who are gone to the women’s retreat this weekend.  I wish you a blessed week and hope to see you Sunday,

God’s peace,


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Posted by Eric Howell