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January 13th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpring,

When my kids were really young, I wrote two-line, responsive prayers for each of the seasons of the liturgical year. It was how we ended each day at bedtime. In Advent, I would pray, “Dear Jesus, we wait for you to come,” and my three-year-old daughter would respond, “Come, Lord Jesus.” During the twelve days of Christmastide, I would pray, “Dear Jesus, thank you for coming,” with the response, “Be born in us today.”
In the season after Epiphany, our prayer went like this:

 Dear Jesus, thank you for showing yourself to us.
Now show yourself through us.

The revealing of Jesus affects those to whom he is revealed. The reconciled become the reconcilers. The ones on whom the Light shines become the light of the world. At least, that’s the invitation of Epiphany. This sort of life in which the beloved of Christ extend the love of Christ to a world that desperately needs it doesn’t happen automatically. We must be intentional, we must pray for it, we must work for it.
In this season after Epiphany, we aim to be intentional. At DaySpring, we’re offering a couple of adult formation classes with this aim in mind. Our own Kingsley East came to me with a beautiful idea for an Epiphany Bible study: she’s inviting us to look at storm narratives across the scriptures—deep in significance—and consider what they have to teach us. In perhaps the most chaotic time most of us have encountered, we are reminded of God’s presence and power amidst the chaos. I hope you’ll consider joining that class with Kingsley.
In the other adult formation class option during Epiphany, we will read Barbara Brown Taylor’s Learning to Walk in the Dark together. Reading this powerful little punch of a book in Epiphany will offer, I think, a profound sense of paradox when thinking about the light of Christ and the darkness of Christ. See below for more information on both those classes.
Our children's and youth formation classes begin this Sunday as well.Believe me, I know how hard it can be to get the whole family coordinated on devices and in their classes. We have such wonderfully dedicated teachers for DaySpring's children:  I hope you'll help get them situated in their Zoom classes before you come join one of the adult classes. See Amy's email coming tomorrow for more details there.

I hope, regardless of what formation looks like for you in this season after Epiphany, that you can join me in this prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank you for showing yourself to us.
Now show yourself through us.

Christ’s peace to you,

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Posted by Brett Gibson