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January 8th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

As we enter a new year and season of life, we do so praying for peace. The world, seemingly in a perpetual cycle of conflict, is on the brink, yet again, of some kind of escalated violence. I’m not sure anymore when to call something ‘war’. We seem to have long gone past the time of conventional nation-state sanctioned battle with a clear winner and clear loser. We’re in more of a Hatfields and McCoys world now. Everyone needs to look strong, no one wants to looks weak, so the obvious risk is ending up in conflicts no one really wanted to be in. 

Things move so fast now. I’m writing early morning on Wednesday. By late Wednesday the whole landscape of conflict or retaliation or escalation may have changed. One thing that doesn’t change is that Christians pray for peace. We live for it and stake our lives on it. Please continue to do so, ‘because of the tender mercy of our God, whereby the Dayspring from on high shall visit us to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace." (Luke 1.78-79)

Blessings on you, friends. I write you from San Antonio where I am studying at the Oblate School of Theology for two weeks. It’s always an interesting place to be for many reasons. My classmates this time, about half male and half female, include: a Kenyan priest, a pastor working with migrants in Tijuana, Mexico, a female African-American Hospice Chaplain from the Bay area in California, a youth minister from San Antonio, and a college minister from Dallas. Our professor told us we could submit papers in English, Spanish, or French. She reads them all fluently. It’s a wildly eclectic, international group. And, as a bonus, I had the pleasure of meting John Garland for lunch yesterday. John passes on his gratitude for the funds DaySpring helped raise in the fall (over $30,000 with several other churches). He said it has helped them contract with a desperately needed social worker and has significantly helped in other ways. You can learn more about their work at

Peace be with you friends, and through you, may God give the world peace,


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Posted by Eric Howell