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July 17th Newsletter

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During Eric's sabbatical, we will hear from different members of DaySpring's staff and church council. 

Dear DaySpringers,

I hope this note finds each of you doing well and enjoying the rhythms of the slower summer months.

If you’re like me, you may have heard that DaySpring has a Council, but you may not have thought too much about what that means. I’ll be honest, prior to my becoming a Council member in spring 2018, I paid little attention to what the Council was responsible for or did on a regular basis. My understanding was limited to the realization that the Council Chair ran DaySpring’s business meetings. Beyond that, I was fairly oblivious. #trueconfessions

In some ways, I think this is a credit to the purpose of the Council and the fact that the work often takes place behind the scenes, in much the same way as the numerous Chart positions you all fulfill each year are done with little fanfare. This is not to say that the work of the Council is intended to be done in secret. What it does say is that the Council makes decisions out of a sincere desire to do what is best for the DaySpring community rather than for any personal attention. Having now gotten a glimpse into what Council work can entail, I am in awe and have great respect for all who have served before me – doing so with great humility, in prayer, while seeking God’s best for DaySpring. It’s also been a great joy to get to know those Council members who have served during my tenure so far; people I’ve often admired from afar and now have had the privilege of getting to know better and serving alongside.

“This is all well and good,” you may be saying to yourself, “but what does the Council actually do?” I’m glad you asked. The nuts and bolts, so to speak, include meeting once a month to go over business of the church. This includes reviewing the budget on a regular basis, talking through where we are with future land purchase/building plans, reviewing mission fund requests submitted by members of the church, talking through concerns that may impact our community, and discussing ways we can best support our paid staff.  As hard as some conversations are, in the midst of our discussions and questions, there is often much laughter and a gratefulness for the work that we get to do. The Council desires to enter each meeting purposefully, covering our time in prayer and, in true DaySpring fashion, pausing to take more time to reflect when an item calls for it.

As you may already be aware, the Council recently had two members step down due to moves outside of Waco. Typically the Council is made up of a Chair and four members – two men & two women. As we seek to fulfill one of the vacated spots, we continue to welcome your nominations for a new male Council member. This individual will serve a shortened term from August through April 2021, the last six months of which will be spent in the Chair position. Additionally, be on the lookout for a call for female nominations in the fall! We cannot thank you enough for the role your nominations play in helping achieve a full Council each term.
Grateful for each of you today and for the DaySpring community as a whole! This is a special place because of you all and the intentional ways you choose to do life together. May God’s grace and peace be upon you throughout this week and may you encounter him in ways that draw you closer to him and to one another.

Lisa Murphy

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Posted by Lisa Murphy