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July 22nd Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

Hello and happy Wednesday to you.

Today I simply want to thank you all for your generous and patient spirit as we have navigated church meetings and worship gatherings during the pandemic. No one wants our buildings to be essentially closed and worship only online. Over the last week, I’ve (regrettably) watched several videos of people losing their minds at store clerks when asked to wear a mask or social distance. Typically the person is confronted with something like, “Why is it so hard to simply wear a mask?” I imagine psychologists and sociologists are going to be studying that phenomenology for a long time. I think the answers must go down deep and end up having nothing to do with masks. But anyway, I’m not here today to try to plumb the depths of the American psyche.

I have something else on my mind, or, more specifically, some other people on my mind. Even though it’s still the middle of summer, the new school year looms. And as it does, school administrators have gone from the cubicle to the crucible. I feel real compassion for their situations. The time has come to make extremely difficult decisions with imperfect information, amidst blistering political pressure, between options that range from bad to worse. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. We have children in three different schools this year and my sister and brother-in-law are educators so we see the complexities everyone is facing. Please pray for the superintendents, the principals, the teachers, and everyone who works with them. Pray for university administrators and professors and the thousands of people whose lives and livelihoods are woven in the tapestry of university life.

They need our prayers, our generosity, and our patience. I think it’s fair to assume that they are not always facing a public with wholly generous and patient spirits. Pulled in every possible direction, their moral compass must point ultimately due north toward the question, “What is best for the students?” Yet that simple question belies its exhaustive, painful complexity. So please pray for them and make it your spiritual mission to support them however possible. This will not be a lost year. There will be challenges for sure, but I’m reminded of the wisdom of St. Paul, “suffering produces endurance, endurance produces character, character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint.” Let us not lose hope, no matter what comes our way in the months to come.

Finally, please remember, if you heart needs tending, come away. The church campus is still open to you if you’d like to stop by. Water the garden, pull a few weeds, leave a note on the chalkboard, buy some eggs, say hello, or just sit under one of the trees and be still.

God’s peace,


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Posted by Eric Howell