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July 31st Newsletter



During Eric's sabbatical, we will hear from different members of DaySpring's staff and church council.

Dear DaySpringers,


On behalf of the Church Council, I would to welcome our new council member, Karl Franklin. Karl, of course, brings a wealth of experience and wisdom with him. Many of us know and love him and his wife, Joice, who have been faithful servants at DaySpring. Truly, we would all be blessed to live a life half as full and self-less as they have. Thank you for your willingness to continue to serve, Karl. Our community is better for it, and we look forward to serving alongside you.

A couple of weeks ago, several of us returned from the Italy Pilgrimage, led by Eric and Jenny. It was a blessing and a privilege for my wife and me to be a part of the trip, and I’m still processing a lot of what we experienced. If the opportunity presents itself, again, I highly recommend you consider taking the trip.

Have you taken any trips this summer? Was it with family or friends? Was it a solo trip? If so, I hope your journey allowed you to reconnect with the ones you love, ponder what God might have in store for you, or provide a respite from your usual daily tasks and re-energize you.

If a trip hasn’t fit into your schedule this summer, I hope your weekly pilgrimage to DaySpring provides moments of contemplation and self-reflection and is, ultimately, a nourishment to your soul.

Wherever your journey may lead you in the coming weeks, I pray that the Lord will also meet you there.

Sam Henderson

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Posted by Sam Henderson