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June 12th Newsletter

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During Eric's sabbatical, we will hear from different members of DaySpring's staff and church council. 

Dear DaySpringers,

For the past 26 months, I have had the opportunity to be a part of a DaySpring "life together group" otherwise known as the Church Coordinating Council.  I have worked alongside 8 other DaySpringers over this time period to be in partnership with Eric, thoughtfully and prayerfully to listen, contemplate, question, and council as he leads us in the many ministries of our church.  It has been a privilege, and I have enjoyed my time on the council. 

I will however, not be able to complete the last 4 months of my commitment as we will be moving at the end of June.  The Lord has directed our path north to Denver, Colorado, where David will still work for Baylor as a Regional Development Officer.  Both of our boys, Cole and Will and our daughter-in-law Kaylanne, live in Denver, and Kaylanne and Cole are expecting their first baby (and our first grandbaby) in October.  If this sounds like a dream come true, believe me, it is.  In fact, I call it a miracle.

We love DaySpring and will miss you all.

Peace of Christ,
Amy Chandler

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Posted by Amy Chandler