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June 19th Newsletter

During Eric's sabbatical, we will hear from different members of DaySpring's staff and church council. 

Dear DaySpringers,

This summer different church members will be preaching for us while Eric is on sabbatical. Thank you to Christina Gibson for so graciously stepping in at the last moment to prepare and give a sermon on Sunday. Thank you to Lori for preparing all week last week. We hope to hear from her later in the summer.

I also want to introduce you to our pastoral associates for the summer. They will be serving in different capacities around the church. I hope you will take a moment and get to know them, invite them to join you after church for a meal or drop them an email and welcome them!

May God's peace be with you this week,


Rebecca Christian
Pastoral Associate
Greetings.  My name is Rebecca Christian, and I will be serving as a pastoral associate this summer overseeing our Ridgecrest ministry.  I was born in Cambridge, England, and first came to America when I was 6.  I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2002 and have primarily worked with incarcerated juveniles.  At this time, I am often in Gatesville ministering to incarcerated women.   I have recently been granted permission by The Texas Department of Criminal Justice to deliver therapeutic services to these women, as  many are victims of multiple traumas including abuse, domestic violence, and neglect.  I am currently enrolled in Truett’s certificate program and am prayerfully considering attending seminary.  It is a privilege and blessing to be serving alongside my DaySpring family.  You guys are pretty awesome!

In His Name,


Katie Stahl Jensen
Pastoral Associate
My name is Katie Stahl & I am serving as a pastoral associate this summer. I moved to Waco from South Dakota two years ago to attend Seminary alongside my husband, Chase. We both serve as Resident Chaplains on Baylor’s campus and are working at the World Hunger Relief Farm this summer. This summer at Dayspring I’ll be filling in here and there, working on a garden bed project, and learning the ins and outs of serving on a church staff. I am looking forward to getting to know you all better!


Chase Jensen
Pastoral Associate
Hello Dayspring friends and family! My name is Chase Jensen. I’ve just finished my second year of seminary along with my wife Katie, who also serves with me as Resident Chaplains. In addition to serving as Pastoral Associates, Katie and I are serving at the World Hunger Relief farm this summer. At Dayspring this summer I will be joining the pastoral ministry through teaching adult spiritual formation, preaching, contributing to other Dayspring ministries, and also working with Katie and others to plan and build some raised garden beds at the church property as well as beginning inquiries into solar energy options for our facilities. I would love to meet you if I haven’t already, and if you have any interest in helping with the raised bed’s or have knowledge about solar energy/panels, please contact me!

Madi Harner
Pastoral Associate
Hey y’all! Madi here. I have enjoyed working in various roles during my time at DaySpring, and I am excited about digging a little deeper into conversation with you this summer. I am currently working on my mentoring for Truett Seminary as I head towards graduation in December(!!), and I am focusing on the topic of Christian Community and Hospitality. I will be meeting with various members of DaySpring and the Waco community.  If you’d like to be one of those people, please feel free to reach out, and we can grab coffee!

I will be going to youth camp again this year, and I am pumped to spend some time talking to our students about what community means to them, particularly in a season where this can seem like a “buzzword” for our culture. I’ve already taught preschoolers this summer, and they are a blast. Y’all need to get in on this action! 


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Posted by Tiffani Harris