Dear DaySpringers

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March 25th Newsletter

Dear DaySpringers,

Grace and peace be with you today. In this newsletter, you’ll find information about what’s happening in the life of our church, how you can connect with pastors and the congregation, and resources available to you. You’ll also find essays by Karl Franklin and Scott Spain-Smith, and a couple of pictures at the end you won’t want to miss.

Also, you’ll find an update on our search for Children and Family minister and a word of thanks to and one from Jo Anne Beaty for her amazing ministry with us over the last seven years on staff.

With the Shelter-in-Place order for the city of Waco, we’re not able to meet at the church, but the grounds are still open. We’re all encouraged to exercise, get fresh air, and attend to our mental and spiritual health. Is there a better place than the DaySpring grounds? Please feel free to walk the grounds, love the place, and even pull a few weeds, if you’re so inclined.

Remember, each week you can expect to receive from us three communications.
Thursday morning—Guide for Daily Prayer for the week
Sunday morning—Worship resources

In addition, we’ll send out and post to social media various updates by text or video. Please stay in touch.  God’s peace,

Click HERE for the March 25th Newsletter.

Posted by Eric Howell