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May 1st Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

I’m very pleased to invite you to two special happenings this week.  Tonight, after Evening Prayer at 5:30, we will continue our lively discussion from last week on spirituality and ecology. Even given the downpour that arrived just as we were getting started last week, a good group met in the chapel for the first session.  Tonight, we’ll continue.  I’ll briefly review last week and then we’ll turn into this week’s study on ways that Christians have engaged the rest of creation and the spirituality of wilderness.  

Then, on Sunday evening, after our Quarterly Meeting at 5:30 pm, we will be treated to a concert from our choir.  I don’t remember our choir giving us a concert this this before, so this will be extra special.  After the concert, everyone’s invited to stay for a picnic on the grounds (BYOPicnic and maybe a little to share.)  Heritage Creamery will also be available Sunday evening during the picnic.

I hope you can come join us. Blessings on those of you preparing for your final exams. Peace be with you all,


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Posted by Eric Howell