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May 8th Newsletter

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Congratulations to all 2019 University graduates:
Graduating Seniors
Suzi Acton
BS Mechanical Engineering

Erika Barron
BS Environmental Science

Kyle Binder
BA University Scholars

Andrew Baas
BA Computational Physics and Mathematics

Amanda Cordero
BA  University Scholars

Tara Hurley
BS Chemistry

Sami Kaiser
BA Medical Humanities

Ezzy Racelis
BA Psychology

Amber Schulze
BA University Scholars

Emily Gurley
Master of Social Work

Kelly Shajari
Masters of Divinity

Tyler Ellis
Curriculum & Teaching
Certification in Spiritual Direction
from Truett Seminary

Carroll Crowson
Tiffani Harris
Kelly Shajari
David Stamile
Bill Walker

 We will have a special time at the end of our service on Sunday to recognize all of our Spring, 2019 university graduates.


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