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November 11th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

Happy Wednesday to you. As you might expect, the ministry staff and coordinating council have been discussing the challenges of covid transmission and winter season weather for our worship. We’ve met with Dr. Emily Smith, our friendly neighborhood epidemiologist, for counsel. One thing has come clear: there are not very many easy decisions about all of this except that we prioritize the safety of the congregation and our neighbors. I can tell you this today, collectively we’re concerned about rapidly rising Covid spread in Waco just at the time we anticipate the onset of colder weather. By next week’s newsletter we hope to have a plan to share for worship after the Thanksgiving holiday. Please be looking for it, and I should say here, please be thoughtful about your Thanksgiving plans. This looks like a time to be extra cautious.

Happily, this Sunday we will worship this Sunday outdoors under the oaks. Because of rising Covid numbers, we are asking everyone to wear a mask even during the service and asking everyone to be attentive to the six foot rule between non-household individuals. If you are in a high risk stage of life, please worship with us online. It’s hard, but we can do this.

Also, please note that next week three opportunities for doing church in tangible ways are given to us: join the workday Monday at The Sunshine Recovery House, bring groceries to donate to the Thanksgiving Basket project with Greater Ebenezer Baptist Church, and take part in the DaySpring Take 2 on Saturday. If you do all three, you should get a medal of some kind. (We’ll work on that.) It would be amazing if everyone would do at least one of these next week.

I hope you have a beautiful week and look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday.

Grace and peace,


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Posted by Eric Howell