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November 6th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday to you. After commemorating a heartfelt All Saints Day worship service on Sunday, we now find ourselves moving straight into the final few weeks of the Church year and into the Advent season. As we’ll see, the texts in final three weeks of the year turn their gaze heavenward. We look toward ultimate mysteries and ultimate realities, always beyond our grasp but always within our hope. God’s ultimate redemption of all creation comes back into view, even as it makes us even more mindful of just how far we are from living in the Light of God’s victorious reign. 

We need hope, even if it’s elusive. We all need something to hold on to because we’re more than aware of the challenges confronting us that can sap our vitality and hope. Yet hope is there, nonetheless. Even in the darkest of days, even in the dark valley of death’s shadow, ‘you are there, your rod and your staff comfort me.’ And so we press on, lifting our spiritual eyes beyond what we can see now. This is faith, right, hope in what is yet unseen. And so, ’surrounded by the great cloud of witnesses’ we press on. Whatever you’re facing, and I know some of us are facing terrible and lonely things, you’re not alone. And there is always hope.

May God’s grace be near you in these days,


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Posted by Eric Howell