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October 16th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

Congratulations on a wonderful Covenant Day celebration. At the retreat, we were gifted the most beautiful fall weather and the amazing talents of The Purple Hulls. After the concert, DaySpringers visited seven ’stations’ around the church grounds to learn about the history and future of the church’s ministry as reflected in the spaces around the grounds. The food, weather, music, fellowship . . .all of it was so good.  Probably the best part was reclining on the hill watching children playing all over the field, from the oak trees across to the playground, children everywhere laughing and playing. That’s the image that will stay with me from this year’s retreat.

The fun’s not over this week. We have another special event this Saturday. Our Art Show opens with a concert put on by fellow talented DaySpringers to celebrate the gift of Fellowship as the theme for the art show, and to raise support for American Gateways, a local organization that works with asylum seekers, including our DaySpring friend Carla. Opening Night is planned from 6-8 but you can come and go as you’re able.  We’ll have some finger foods, too.  See below for the full evening schedule.

I hope you have a blessed week. I look forward to seeing you hopefully tonight or Saturday, and on Sunday morning as we worship together.

God’s peace,


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Posted by Eric Howell