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October 23rd Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

Happy Wednesday to you.  Three wonderful things happened here last Saturday evening (besides football victories from favorite teams!). I want to tell you about them.

First, by the efforts of Rita Pard and the Arts Team we celebrated opening night of our Worship as Art: Fellowship show. All around the narthex and in the sanctuary are contributions by various DaySpringers. I hope you’ll take time to appreciate these gifts and let them guide your own reflections on our union with God and with one another.  Our evening was definitely enriched by the contributions from the Fellowship Team who prepared dozens of cookies and snacks to enjoy.  Can cookies be art? Yes, they can. My favorite kind!

Second, by the inspiration of Carroll Crowson and with the help of many, we were treated to a concert of a mix of sacred music and Broadway tunes.  The concert was given in two parts. The first was a celebration of our Fellowship with God. The second was about our Fellowship with Others. What a beautiful evening enjoying the talents of our friends. 

Third, we raised money to support American Gateways, a local organization providing pro bono or low cost legal services to immigrants and asylum seekers, including our friend Carla. We have learned this year how we are in fellowship with brothers and sisters we didn’t even know until the pilgrim church from the south came to our home. We raised $2350 to support this important work!

So there they are, three beautiful things in one night. Thanks be to God!


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Posted by Eric Howell