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October 30th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

Grace and peace be with you this wonderfully wet, cold, fall day. I don’t know if today is the best day to try to get outside, but one of those days where the best way to appreciate the outside is from the inside. I hope you take a couple of minutes (right now? ahem) to stop what you’re doing . . .look outside, find something green out there, and take a deep breath. Say a prayer of thanks. 

This Sunday is All Saints’ Day, a day on which to give thanks for our brothers and sisters who have gone before us. As part of our Sunday morning liturgy, we will pause to allow all those who wish to speak the name of someone dear to you who has passed from this life. For some of us, the grief of their loss is still too close to hardly speak; for others the person’s memory brings gratitude and peace. 

Who do you remember this week? I encourage you to think on this person today and each day leading to Sunday. Let your prayer on Sunday rise from your prayers all week. At the end of our service we will gather under the bell tower for a service of remembrance of our fellow DaySpringers who have passed from this life in this past year: Flo Wise, Kurt Kaiser, Fred Logan, Jack Crowson, Charlene Perdue, and Randy Beck. We miss these our brothers and sisters. We give thanks for their lives and all the ways they enriched our lives and our faith.

I wish you all a blessed week. You’re in my prayers until we are together again,


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Posted by Eric Howell