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October 7th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

Our annual "Covenant Day" is here. This is the day when we recommit ourselves to being the people of God together in this place. As a part of this, we will have a very important and timely conversation on "The Role of the Church in a Divided Society" this Sunday from 5:00-6:30 pm on Zoom. 

The purpose of this conversation is to examine our own DNA -- who DaySpring is and what makes us who we are as a congregation and how this informs our responses to the divisions in our society. We are all too aware of the divisiveness of our culture. We experience it in our neighborhoods, in our families, and with co-workers, and many of us have wondered what to make of it and how Christians can faithfully respond. This conversation is not about politics or policy but about helping us individually and corporately to navigate turbulent waters of our culture. Having this conversation on Covenant Day, will inform our future conversation during Advent about how we can very practically engage the concerns of racism and what our contributions might be.

This is an important conversation, and we hope that you will join us on Zoom. Elise Edwards will start us off with a short time of instruction, and then, we will break into groups for discussion about specific questions, coming back together in the end to hear from each other. We will look for commonality in how we as a congregation can bear witness to Christ in our culture. Look for the Zoom link in the worship resources email that will be sent Sunday morning.

Thank you in advance for giving yourselves to this important conversation.

With great hope for our conversations together,

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Posted by Tiffani Harris