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Parents on the Porch

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Dear DaySpring Parents of Children and Youth,
I hope you’ve seen the invitation to Parents on the Porch Zoom call tomorrow evening, from 8-9:15. I’d like to tell you more about the impetus for this Zoom and my hopes for our time together. 
Last week, as Jeremy and I were talking (often in circles) about online vs. in person schooling, I felt a deep need to pray with my church family about what’s best for our boys, and especially as we weighed what’s best for them vs. what’s best for their school and the broader community.  Pastorally, I wondered if you, too, felt the need for a designated time to hold the decision of in person vs. online school before God with your community of faith. 
In a meeting with Eric last week, he also wondered how DaySpring parents are thinking and praying through these decisions and encouraged a Zoom to find out.
And that’s how Parents on the Porch came to be.  Tomorrow evening, we’ll gather from 8-9:15 (hopefully late enough for the younger ones to be in bed yet early enough to be able to form a thought) to listen to and pray for one another.  This time is not one to make a uniform decision about what’s most faithful but a time to bring our questions and concerns to our family of faith.
I’d like to structure our time together around the following questions:

  • What have you heard from your child or youth’s school or health officials that’s been most helpful or encouraging to you in deciding about in person vs. online school?  What else do you need to know to feel confident in your decision?
  • How are you thinking about what’s best for your child or youth vs. what’s best for the community?  Where is there consonance or dissonance? 
  • What verse, story, or image from scripture has been helpful or meaningful to you as you’ve weighed your decision?

In talking through these questions, I hope you find inspiration or encouragement through others whether you’ve made your decision or are still thinking it through.
The Zoom link is below and will also be in tomorrow’s newsletter and on our webpage.  I am grateful for Zoom and that it allows us to see and hear one another.  Joe and I will do our best to use its features to maximize opportunity for sharing. 
Praying for you as you parent through,

Amy Everett
Minister to Children and Families
DaySpring Baptist Church

Zoom Link for Parents on the Porch

Posted by Amy Everett