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September 11th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

I have said it before, and it is still true: I have the best seat in the house. This past month, I have watched you minister to each other in so many stunning ways. I have the vantage point of seeing you care for each other, extending hospitality, care, support, and truly being family to each other. You have surrounded a family and have become extended family when one was in the hospital. Gathered Tables sprung in to action to watch children, fix meals, and make visits to the hospital. You have helped each other move, comforted in sorrow, and encouraged in times of challenge. Thank you for bearing witness to the love of Christ in this place.

Christian hospitality is opening your home and table to others in a way that reflects the love of Christ; it is extending compassion to "the least of these"; it is being attentive to the sojourner. I am blessed to see you practice this sort of hospitality that is a witness to the world of a different way to live.

You have rallied around one family as they have opened their home to a young mom seeking asylum. We are currently compiling a team of people to support her in this process. We have been looking for someone who can be available during the weekday to communicate in Spanish with her and help coordinate some support for her and her host home. We think we have found the person. Thanks be to God.

Thank you for fixing meals, buying clothes for this young woman and meeting with her to encourage her. Thank you for reaching out and being family to each other in our times of need. The uniting work of the Spirit is evident in this place, and for that, I am so grateful.

In gratitude for your ministry,

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