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September 2nd Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

Amidst our excitement about returning to a full schedule of classes, groups, and prayers this Sunday and all next week, we also this week grieve the loss of Earle Guthrie and Harold Osborne. Earle’s service on Monday morning was so sweet. In one of the most moving moments I’ve experienced a graveside, Jane was presented the folded American flag from the Air Force serviceman in attendance as part of the honor guard for Earle. Earle served in the Air Force for over twenty years and retired a Lt. Colonel. Jane received the flag, rose to her feet, turned, and then presented it to her grandson, dressed in his own full Air Force uniform. He is active duty stationed in the Middle East. I overheard Jane whisper to him through both of their tears, “Your grandfather was always so proud of you. I want you to have this to remember him.” There weren’t many dry eyes anywhere around. Please keep the Guthrie family in your prayers. And the Osborne family as well, as they meet Saturday morning in remembrance of Harold. Sweet Harold—everyone who knew him loved him. 

For the rest of us, the life of the church begins a new season this week. First, I urge everyone to click on and take part in the Chart this week. On Sunday, we’ll give an update on our progress, hoping the Chart is complete. As of now, we have quite a ways to go. This is how we come together for the ministries and work of the church. Everyone has a part! If you have any questions at all, just let us know. We can help. No problem. Second, this Sunday we begin Spiritual Formation for adults, youth, and children, all on Zoom beginning at 1015. More information is below. Everyone around here is eager to get started and hope you are too.

I hope you have a blessed remainder of this week. I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday and hopefully seeing many of your faces at 1015 as we launch Christ in Creation.

God’s peace,


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Posted by Eric Howell