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September 4th Newsletter

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Dear DaySpringers,

I continue to be amazed by the speed and extent of your response to the invitation to make tangible difference in the refugee crisis. I have a couple of updates for you here.  

Our Giving Challenge: Challenged to raise $25,000 to fund a part-time social worker with Semillas Ministries in San Antonio, DaySpring folks, in partnership with others in our community, have given and pledged over $28,000 in just one week. I had high confidence we could do it in a month, but one week? This is amazing. Thank you!  We are forwarding those funds to Semillas to be put to use immediately. 

Our Hospitality Opportunity: On Sunday afternoon, The Tucker family (Dennis, Tish, Hope) received an 18 year old Honduran woman and her 2 month old son into their lives. Having fled a seriously traumatic situation in urban Honduras, Carla and Henri made their way to the US and entered the asylum-seeking process. They have been living with John Garland and his family in San Antonio for a couple of months and now are coming to live with the Tuckers . . .and so with all of us as our sister and baby brother. Carla is seeking asylum in the US, a process that can take many months. During that time, the Tuckers are providing a safe and loving home for them. While the Tuckers are providing a home, supporting and loving Carla and Henry will take a community. Already several folks have visited with them and begun to offer their help for translating, transportation, meals, and friendship. This is all wonderful!  We’re just now on the front end of organizing our efforts and thanks to Tiffani Harris for helping coordinate what is needed and helpful. Please contact   for more information on how you may be able to help. We’ll have more information as we figure out what is needed. 

Our Next Steps: Art as Worship: Fellowship is being planned for October. (Please see below for more information on the theme and how to submit an entry. We really want you, yes you!, to share something for the show!) Opening night, Saturday October 19, will be a concert with several DaySpring voices sharing their gifts with us all. Linking the themes of fellowship and our ministry with refugees, there will be opportunities that night to contribute to continue the ministry that has begun with Semillas in San Antonio and our hospitality here in Waco. 

As a sort of benediction to all of this and invitation to us all, I’m reprinting Terry York’s poem, gently suggesting we may read “Waco” along with “San Antonio”

She held in her hands the cup,
The blood of Christ shed for me.
She extended her arms toward me,
The last little distance
In a long journey of suffering for her;
The beginning of a journey
Of suffering for me,
Suffering with all who press north
To rescue the Church up here
Through the faith of the Church down there.
Draw a line in the sand,
Stretch a wall to the sky,
The Dove flies where it will.
It landed today in San Antonio.
She served Jesus.
She served me.
I am linked to suffering
By a sip soaked into broken bread,
And swallowed.

Terry W. York

In addition to this emerging part of our life together, please see below for information on small groups, an invitation to DaySpring Connections dinner on Sunday evening, Wednesday Evening plans for September and October, including a four-week series on Faith and the Issues, along with other information on opportunities. Please make special note as you’re reading through all of this that we will begin our annual Chart signup for the Ministries of DaySpring soon. More information on the Chart will come next week.  

I hope to see you Sunday, if not before. Until then, you remain in my prayer,


For more news and events, click HERE for the September 4th newsletter.

Posted by Eric Howell