San Antonio Mennonite Church Visit

San Antonio Mennonite Church Visit

Saturday, July 27, 2019, 6:00 AM - Sunday, July 28, 2019, 5:00 PM

Tiffani Harris and Victor Hinojosa are in the early stages of planning what our response as a congregation might look like and have been invited to work alongside San Antonio Mennonite Church in their work.

A group from DaySpring will take an exploratory trip to San Antonio Saturday and Sunday, July 27-28.  We will leave early so as to arrive in San Antonio by about 10:30am on the  27th and will return to Waco sometime after worship on Sunday afternoon. Much of the schedule/itinerary is still being finalized, but it will involve seeing some of the locations where SAMC works and hearing stories from Pastor Garland and his team about their work and from refugee families about their experiences and needs.  Our goal is to listen and to discern how the Spirit might be moving in our midst to partner with SAMC. 

If you are interested or if you plan to go on the trip, let Victor know by Friday, July 19th to get a headcount.  If you have family you can stay with or know someone who might be willing to host a person or two, please  let us know that as well.

We know many who are interested in helping even if you cannot go on this trip. Thank you. There will be many opportunities in the months ahead to serve, whether in San Antonio or in Waco. 

Whatever capacity--be it in prayer, participation in this first exploratory trip, or future participation in our partnership--your participation and involvement is welcome! For more information, email Victor Hinojosa at  .

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