Membership is a joyful and sacred act of commitment to a congregation of fellow travelers on the journey of following Christ.

Become a Member at DaySpring

Church members are believers in Jesus Christ who embrace this act of commitment and express readiness to participate more fully in the life of the church. At DaySpring members join through one of three ways:

Profession of Faith

A Profession of Faith is for people who are becoming Christians or for those who have come to faith in Christ recently. We celebrate baptism by immersion for new Christians.

Transfer of Membership

If you are currently a member of another congregation, a transfer of membership moves your membership to DaySpring.

Statement of Faith

If you are already a Christian but don't have an active church membership in another congregation, you can join by statement of faith. It's like saying: "I've been a Christian and have been baptized, but I don't know where my church membership is,” or “It's been a long time since I’ve been a member of a congregation and I’m ready to start over."

Learn More About Membership

When you are ready to start the membership process, please speak with a pastor or complete the membership form as you are able. A pastor will reach out to you with an invitation to meet.  He or she will be eager to hear about your journey of faith and how God’s Spirit is leading you toward DaySpring. We’ll talk through any questions you have about being part of the DaySpring community. 

Joining DaySpring

This form will give us the information we need to start you on your way to membership. If you are not yet ready to join, but have questions about membership or would just like to talk with someone, please email us.

Membership Form