Advent Through the Lens of Race

Many of you were part of our summer study on Confronting Racism as Spiritual Practice, and you joined us for a conversation in October on The Role of the Church in a Divided Society. Our plan all along has been to have a conversation about how DaySpring might contribute to racial reconciliation in some way.

During Advent, we will round out our studies and discussions that began in June with a study and deliberative conversation. Our Adult Spiritual Formation series during Advent is titled: Advent Through the Lens of Race. This Advent series will be on Sunday evenings at 5 pm on Zoom. We hope that by adjusting the time we can include as many DaySpringers as possible, including those who teach our children and youth, our undergrads, and those who help set up for worship.

Advent is a time to explore our yearnings, our longings, and our need for God's salvation. It's an appropriate time to examine the world as it is, but also to identify the change we seek, and how to be part of it. Each week in our study, we will reflect on one of the themes of Advent as they relate to racial justice and reconciliation: hope, peace, joy, and love. What can we learn from black, indigenous, and other people of color about the pursuit of these ideals and the experience of suffering? After beginning our sessions with a brief devotional and readings from the scriptures, we'll engage in short reflection exercises that will guide us to identify personal areas of growth and our next steps for addressing racial injustice as individuals and a church.

We invite families to make this a part of their Advent practice, and for those interested, we will provide a liturgy for lighting your family Advent wreath each Sunday.

Week 1: Hope

Download the Powerpoint

A Liturgy for Lighting the First Advent Candle: Hope

Week 2: Faith

Download the Powerpoint

A Liturgy for Lighting the Second Advent Candle: Faith

Week 3: Joy

A Liturgy for Lighting the third Advent Candle: Faith


Week 4: Love

A Liturgy for Lighting the Fourth Advent Candle: Love