Christ In Creation

Fall 2020 Adult Spiritual Formation

Led by Dr. Joshua King


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How does Christ relate to creation?  

Many modern Western Christians have imagined him (after resurrection) above creation, reaching down into our hearts to work a drama of salvation for which "nature" provides a stage (one day to be left for heaven). Yet the biblical witness and much of Christian tradition envision Christ in creation, holding it together, entering its suffering bodily, reconciling all of it—not only humans—to God.  

Could such a vision inform how we see ourselves as the body of Christ now?  What would it mean for our worship?  How could the arts help us reawaken to Christ's presence in creation? How might we join Christ's work of reconciliation in a world in which ecological, racial, and economic injustice are inseparably linked?  These are some of the issues we'll consider together this fall. 

Learning from Scripture to see Creation in Christ


September 6
Class introduction  


September 13
Our Place in Creation 

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September 20
Christ’s Reconciling Work in Creation 


Worshipping with other Creatures in Christ


September 27
Creation and Communion


October 4
Our Priesthood and Creation Care


October 11
Praising with other Creatures 


October 18
Human Sin, Creation’s Lament, Sabbath Redemption 


October 25
Joining the Praise of Creatures 


Loving Attentively and Practically in Christ


November 1
Contemplating Creation with Love in the Risen Christ 


November 8
Drawing as Contemplation in Practice


November 15
Agricultural Resistance in the Civil Rights Movement


November 22
Eating and Growing Lovingly, Practicing Local Sustainability