The ministries and mission of DaySpring are supported by the offerings given by DaySpring members and friends.  Just as we are called upon to give of ourselves to one another and to give, with one another, in service to the community in the name of Christ, so we are called upon financially to give faithfully and sacrifically to the ministries of the church.  Every gift is needed and appreciated, no matter how big or small. Each gift represents a decision to relinquish something you possess for the good of the congregation and the redemptive work we share with our ministry partners.  Thank you for all that you give to DaySpring.


  The DaySpring fiscal year is from October 1-September 30.  We report our giving and expenses at four Quarterly Meetings through the year and a final year-end report.  In addition to the ministries budget of the church, we are also accepting donations for the building fund.


Donations to DaySpring are given in the following ways:


1. Place a check or cash in the offering plate as it passes as part of our worship on Sunday mornings.  In many ways this is the most tangible way to give and many people appreciate the experience of giving as part of their worship.  Sunday donations are counted immediately after worship and stored safely until deposit.


2. Mail a check directly, or mail a check by your bank's automatic bill pay to 

     DaySpring Baptist Church 

     7900 Renewal Way

     Waco, TX 76712


3.  Donate on-line. To make a secure donation or to make a payment for certain activities, please visit here or here:  For many people on-line donation is a simple and convenient way to donate.  Easy Tithe charges DaySpring about 2% of each donation.


     From time to time, DaySpringers will choose to give in other ways: stocks or other securities.  We are equipped to receive those donations.  For more information, please contact the church office at 254.776.9988 or