Our work is our prayer, our prayer is our work

From the beginning of DaySpring in 1993, the philosophy of mission has been that every Christian is a minister and that our primary ministry happens in the neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and marketplaces of our daily lives. We encourage every DaySpringer to be attentive to the ways God is active in and around our relationships.


We also seek ways to do ministry together. DaySpring seeks to actively connect with the Waco community in ways that are helpful, meaningful, and compassionate.


One of the groups we work with is CrossTies Ecumenical Church. CrossTies offers several ministries to people living in the immediate area near its location on South 10th Street in Waco, including the Talitha Koum Child Nuture Center and the Gospel Cafe, which provides lunch to the community three days a week throughout the year. DaySpring participates monthly by preparing and serving meals in the Gospel Cafe, and we support the mission of CrossTies with our financial resources as well.


DaySpring also leads morning worship on Sunday mornings at Ridgecrest, the retirement center next door to our church.


Baptist Connections

While DaySpring is a diverse congregation that draws from many traditions, we cooperate in ongoing missions and ministry with the Waco Regional Baptist Network, The Baptist General Convention of Texas, and with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship encourages diversity, women in ministry, and an open-minded, grace-filled spirit. CBF is a community of Baptist believers who have come together to ask how can we express the love of Christ in real ways. The Fellowship gives DaySpring the opportunity to meaningfully engage, along with other Baptists, this post-modern and pluralistic world through church planting, education, hunger relief, and other missional channels in Texas, across the country, and around the world.  


Ecumenical Connections

In addition to our denominational ties, DaySpring gladly engages with other like-minded groups from time to time, such as CrossTies Ecumenical Church, as we seek to fulfill our calling to be people of love in God's world.  We also partner with The World Hunger Relief Farm, The Texas Hunger Initiative, and Mission Waco.



In recent years, DaySpring has developed a partnership with a congregation in Aguilares, El Salvador.  About once per year we send a team to help strengthen their ministry, particularly through music camps for children.  We also have a relationship with Urban Promise Honduras and are sending teams about once per year to help their minsitry with children and youth.

DaySpring also has a number of former members who are serving around the United States and around the world.  In a variety of ways we support and encourage these ministries in places like Denver, CO, northeast Louisiana, and southeast Asia. 


Mission Proposals and Initiatives

We also welcome initiatives from the congregation to continue partnering together in the redemptive mission of Christ in the world.  To encourage initiatives, we have set aside funding and encourage proposals to the church council for mission iniatives in the following areas:

  • Renew: DaySpring seeks ways to offer our church campus as a place of rest and renewal for DaySpringers, our neighbors, and the wider community.

  • Serve: DaySpringers seek to embody the love of Jesus by involving our lives with those most at risk in the Waco community.

  • Share: DaySpringers seek to practice intentional community as a path of Christian mission.

  • Extend: DaySpring seeks to extend the ministry and character of DaySpring beyond our local community.


The application form is available here and from the church office.