Welcome to Worship


2020 Sunday Service Times

Worship - 9 am

Spiritual Formation Classes – 10:45 am


Whether you join us live stream or in person, here you’ll find some guidance for your participation in the worship service. Worshiping God together is a sacred joy in which we give glory to God and are renewed in our faith in Jesus Christ. Whatever the state of your faith, we’re glad you’re here.


DaySpring is a contemplative congregation. This means that our worship is aimed at the heart. Think of the whole time of worship as one single prayer taking shape in different ways: spoken word, scripture, music, silence, sermon, blessings, and sacraments. From beginning to end, you have come to prayer. This is not a performance; it is a prayer, and you’re a part of the prayer today. May this time together feed your soul. 


Silence in worship will typically last about one minute to two minutes.  Longer times of silence are practiced in our Wednesday Evening Prayers. During silence, what should you do? Just be. The scripture says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Just be still and know you are in the presence of God. If your mind races, if you are distracted . . .this is normal. Still, just be.

If you like, silently repeat this prayer with your breathing:
[Breathe in] Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God [Breathe out] have mercy on me a sinner. 



We sing!* Everyone is encouraged to jump in and sing robustly, even if you are not a talented musician.  This isn’t a performance, so no worries. Songs are from the hymnal or printed in your worship guide. Just listen for the melody and join in singing as you’re comfortable. Most short choruses are to be repeated a few times, so once you’ve got the hang of it, feel free to close your eyes and sing as a prayer.

* Except when worshipping in person during a pandemic!


Scripture is read each Sunday, usually following the three-year cycle of Sunday Lectionary readings. Feel free to follow along in a Bible or just listen. Sometimes we read scripture with Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading), which means we’ll read the scripture several times with pauses for silent prayer between each reading. 

The Lord’s Table

Communion is a high, holy part of the service. Everyone who confesses faith in Jesus Christ is invited to partake. During communion, we are invited to come forward by rows from front to back. We move to the center aisle and then to one of the servers at the front. You will be handed a small piece of bread, “The Body of Christ broken for you” and then invited to dip the bread in the wine (actually it’s grape juice), “The Blood of Christ shed for you.” You then eat the bread and move toward the side aisles. Most Sundays a minister will be available on the side for prayer. Ministers also say blessings on children who come with their families. 

If you are not partaking in the meal, this is a wonderful time to pray. Please receive this time as a gift of being still in the presence of God. Pray for your own faith, for your friends, and for others who need God’s grace. This can be an important time even if you are not actively participating in the meal. 

Passing the Peace

At the close of services, as we shake hands or hug one another, we say “May the peace of Christ be with you.”* And “Also with you.” The peace of Christ is a long-standing Christian greeting that is both a blessing and a charge as we leave to go in the world as peacemakers in the name of the Prince of Peace. 

* Except in a pandemic when we don’t shake hands!

After the Service 

Our ministers would be very pleased to visit with you about faith, communion, or anything else you wish. We are honored you are present with us in worship and hope this time refreshes your spirit, enlivens your faith, and helps you know you are beloved by God.