DaySpring's worship can best be described as the convergence of several streams running through the Christian Tradition. DaySpring worship is . . .



There are "formal" expressions in every service, forms handed to us from the past. Litanies, responses, and readings from the Revised Common Lectionary are typical. In addition, we are guided by the Church Calendar Year and observe communion monthly.



Quiet, silent moments are an important part of every service. Reflection on Wisdom from the contemplative tradition and Lectio Divina (a contemplative reading of scripture) are commonplace. Along with traditional hymnody, we sing simple, chant-like choruses.



Familiar music from Baptist life as well as more casual moments within every service connect us with this expression of Christian worship. The spoken word is vital to every service and an invitation to begin exploring or walking the Christian path is always extended.



It's not unusual for each service to contain something surprising. Although we have rituals and traditions that guide and focus us, we are also connected to the free church tradition that gives us permission to think outside the box. Dramatic readings of scripture, variety in music and preaching 'forms' reflect our connection to creativity in worship.


These streams are valued at DaySpring and we encourage worshippers to enter into every part of our worship with a sense of expectancy and humility.